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Client & Background:
Belorusneft, the largest network of gas stations in Belarus. In 2019, the company was one of II European Games’ sponsors.

To find a solution that would help us to convert the sponsor’s image into an effective marketing tool.
Effectiveness evaluation:
Money would be the best criteria for evaluating the campaign’s results. So let’s achieve the maximal return on the company’s investments involved into the II European Games’ sponsorship.

Concept’s logic:
Supporting a sporting event, a sponsor, obviously, gets a right to use the symbols of the II European Games, including its mascot - a fox named Lesik. And, as a rule, a “routine” sponsorship consists just in use of these symbols in ads or putting it on existing products of the sponsor. But Belorusneft is not just a network of gas stations, it’s a real a wide retail network across the country. So, let’s a new thematic product appear on Belorusneft’s shelves!
Consumers’ behaviour:
It’s a well-known fact – during a major event, people are highly motivated to buy products relevant to this event. Therefore these products looks new and “fresh” for their minds.

Having rights, as one of major sponsors of the II European Games, Belorusneft initiated the launch of a range of food products under the umbrella brand Lesik’s that had a high added value. The mascot itself became a hero for all the line of product’s packaging. The products’ line design made brought the mascot to life and brought sport and drive mood reflecting the slogan of this sport event - “Bright is year. Bright are you. " Chocolate, bars, drinks, ice cream, gifs sets, crackers, waffles and biscuits were produced by 7 large Belarusian enterprises known for its productions quality. Therefore we kept these companies’ logos on the front of the package for stand out their quality.
The agency developed a packaging design for 22 SKU goods, and this design was offered for free to the production companies in exchange for guarantee the priority of their goods’ delivery to the Belorusneft retail network. At the same time, we did not limit the delivery of these products to other retail networks for spreading out the campaign’s awareness.

Lesik products’ launch came with a peak of the promotion campaign, where the main hero was our fox, naturally. In fact, every billboard and every TVC was promoting the new brand. Then the promotion was supported by proper company’s resources:
• Consistent presentation of the products’ range on the shelves through Belorusneft network (281 shops, in total).
• POS-materials at gas stations.
• Lesik products’ participation in a regular monthly promotion with a car prize draw.

This project allowed a return of 30% of Belorusneft’s investments in its sponsorship for the II European Games, but also made increase profitability from the shelf by 60%. The period of the event being really short, we noticed a 5% increase in the number of loyalty card holders, as a loyalty card was required for the participation in promotion draws with Lesik products.