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Belarus without borders
The global and ambitious rebranding of the beer "Krynica" required an appropriate announcement and launch. We had to share a new brand philosophy with Belarusians and inspire them to live without borders. We decided to totally violate the boundaries of the generally accepted advertising concepts and promotion and did something that has never been done in Belarus. Meet "Belarus without borders"! The project created in collaboration with the band "Bez Bileta", MediaCube production studio and "ONT" TV channel.

It all started with a song. The guys from 'Bez Bileta' have a popular track "Address is the planet Earth". It is about boundless love for each and every corner of the planet, which means that we all live in the same house, and about the desire to see all the beauty of our common planet. The song has a refrain:

"My city is Rio, my Grand Canyon.
Delta of the Nile and all the lines of Nazca.
Pyramids and Baikal, and Hudson.
I'm in the Lunar Valley, I'm on Easter Island".

Once we were done with the brand platform "Krynica", this song sounded completely new to us. And we made an offer to the musicians they could not refuse. We offered them to visit all the places from the song's refrain: Chile, Peru, Baikal, Egypt and, of course, the USA. But such visits should serve a purpose. The guys had to meet with the Belarusians living in these places to talk about their life, to learn how openness, friendliness and tolerance help them in other countries and to think of their love for Belarus while being miles away from home.

The trip turned into 9 full-aired "Belarus Bez Granic" (Belarus without borders) TV programs, which were broadcasted on ONT channel on Monday evening.

It is clear that "Bez Bileta" could not physically visit all Belarusians living on planet Earth. Therefore, we launched, where we created an open call for Belarusian ambassadors around the world. Any Belarusian who lives abroad could become an ambassador to share his contacts and be ready to help other Belarusians with information about the country, living, and maybe even meet them there. In addition, the ambassadors shared stories and news from the country where they live, which was the best UGC for social network accounts you can imagine. The internationality of the project was visualised in Vizavanka - a special pattern made of various country flags. Both project ambassadors and fans welcomed Vizavanka which was later used as a print.

All 'Belarus Bez Granic' videos are uploaded to Youtube: - Irkutsk (Baikal) - Egypt (Nile River & Pyramids) - Chile (Easter Island) - New York pt.1 -New York pt.2 - LA (Grand Canyon) - Peru (Nazca) - Chile (the Lunar Valley) - Rio de Janeiro

As a result, the project was warmly welcomed by the viewers so much that it underwent the second and the third free rotation on ONT and "Belarus 24" TV channels. The total audience coverage is estimated at 6 million people. Considering the website's statistics and the feedback, Belarusians from different countries are still using the service.


Awarded by national TB awards Televershina