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Belarusian weeks in McDonald's
For the second time in a row on the of New Year's Eve McDonald's Belarus launches "Belarusian weeks" - a seasonal menu, consisting of the dishes inspired by authentic Belarusian traditions (a series of "panski" burgers and potato pancakes with sour cream).

We aimed at drawing attention to the "Belarusian weeks" in McDonald's and motivating people to try new burgers.

Following the theme of Belarusian traditions actualization, we turned to Belarusian folk music. This is how we chose the "sister" of the Scottish bagpipe - the Belarusian duda. We decided to give duda a new lease and show how modern our national instrument can sound.

Belarusian duda in your smartphone.

We created a DUDA mobile application, which offers Belarusians to play the duda and try seasonal burgers at a special price. All three tracks in DUDA combined the ancient duda sound with modern motifs. Among them, there are Belarusian folk songs ("Kupalinka") as well as tracks written by Vitaliy Artist, the lead singer of "Bez Bileta" band ("Svyatochnaya", "Maya kraina - Belarus"). Depending on the choice of a song determining the level of difficulty, you will get a discount of 10%, 20% or 30% for the "panski" burger.

In the course of promo campaign, "panski" burger was ordered about 121 000 times. DUDA was downloaded by more than 42 thousand unique iOS and Android users. The tracks from the application were aired by Unistar radio providing additional coverage for the campaign.