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Крыніца\Krynica. Global Rebranding
Krynica is the largest producer and exporter of Belarusian beer. Today the beer is supplied to 15 countries of the world, including Australia and Canada, i.e., in fact, Krynica is the beer ambassador of Belarus in different countries. We used this fact for a large-scale rebranding and gave Belarusians a new "Krynica. No Borders". The renewed brand offers Belarusians to destroy the borders that are holding back or stopping them. Whether the boundaries are mental or real.

We have developed a new brand platform, promotion strategy, new product line design, branding principles and design of the trading equipment.

The new Krynica is an open, stylish and friendly brand. Now it always faces the customer due to the 2 labels in Belarusian and English. The idea of a cosmopolitan brand with Belarusian roots embodies the new logo in the form of a globe and 'No Borders' tagline.

To support the launch of a global rebranding, we created and launched an international project #BelarusBezGranic (