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New brand communication platform that translates simple human values
In 2021, Belgosstrakh will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The communication of a brand with such a history should reflect not only leadership but also be relevant and innovative. Our task was to identify a new unique brand territory and develop an appropriate visual language.

We decided to move away from the stereotypical showcase of insured events and their negative consequences and endow insurance with positive emotional images.
This is how a new concept “Protecting Happiness” was created. According to it, Belgosstrakh will stop talking about fear to the audience and inspire the Belarusians to secure things that bring them happiness and joy. We are talking about the moments of simple human happiness which are dear to each of us.

In order to communicate the safety of happiness, we turned to the gravure graphics frequently used in the production of bonds. As the protective lines protect the insurance policy, Belgosstrakh will protect the happiness of Belarusians.

The world of protective lines was created by transferring a two-dimensional gravure to three-dimensional objects. A team of 3D artists, experts in guilloche techniques and designers (in total, about 30 professionals) worked on such a difficult task.

Each of the 12 plots of the advertising campaign consists of 20-30 thousand lines, dots and other elements drawn by hand. Four stories were developed to 30-second videos.

The advertising campaign “Protecting Happiness” is already on-air.