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Health by syllables

Production Company" Pravila vkusov" Ltd.


The client plans to enter the packaged fresh ready-to-serve salads market. The agency's task is to develop a global product launch, including strategy, brand building and advertising campaign.

Strategic solution

At the time of project development, this category was represented by several foreign trademarks with a situational image in social networks and high price. In addition, potential customers did not have a clear idea of the category, situations and ways of consumption, as well as the benefits of the salad ingredients.
A strategic solution led the creation of a brand which fulfils not only educational function but also several tasks at once:
• Situation and way of consumption (I know how and when to consume the product)
• Informing about the healthy benefits of the product (I buy it because it is useful)
• Image component of product consumption (I buy it because it is popular)


The rule of SA-LA-TA. Health by syllables.


Healthy nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, and in turn, leading a healthy lifestyle means being able to manage your own health. An innovative product should set a great goal which is to make food ration more healthy and balanced. Fresh salads should become an immutable rule in the daily diet of Belarusians.
The Alphabet of Salad has become a creative solution for packaging and communication. As in any textbook, the Alphabet of Salad has its own topics, chapters and sections, in which we introduce customers to new salads and the culture of their consumption, talk about the health benefits and give simple yet effective advice.

The rule of SA-LA-TA is a school of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, which has its own teacher. To promote this honourable mission, we invited Ignazio Rosa, the restaurant chef and an expert in Italian cuisine which is full of green salads.

As part of an advertising campaign to launch a new TM on the market, we came up with a series of comic TV commercials, in which Ignazio demonstrated and told the audience how to manage their health. Together with Ignazio, Belarusians discovered new types of salads such as Rucola, Romano, Iceberg, Radicchio, Frissa, Mangold, Corn and others.