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Soligorsk: Deposit of Hospitality

Belaruskali, the largest Belarusian company covering one fifth of potash fertilizer's global market.

Soligorsk is a brand developed by the agency for Belaruskali company in order to promote Belarusian potash industry as a real deposit of hospitality.

Take the first step in the region's branding (Soligorsk is the city where the production takes place) and developing the new communication platform for Belaruskali, an exporter of hospitality, by a participation as a main sponsor for the II European Games in Minsk.

A core of the communication platform: producer and exporter of natural fertilizers, the company contributes to get richer harvest on the fields of different countries over the world. And, sitting at a hospitable table, in different corners of our planet, people feel Belarusian hospitality and discover Belarus.
What is the best way to announce the appearance of the first hospitable brand? Naturally, during such international event as European sport games, when Belarus hosts thousands of guests from around the world.

We offered, to local and foreign visitors, a wide range of products under Soligorsk brand, that were sold in stylish branded pavilions located in the fan zones of the sports event:

- A limited edition for wear collection under Soligorsk brand, developed in cooperation with a well-known Belarusian designer Yulia Latushkina, who previously participated in the development of a ceremonial Olympic uniform for the Belarusian delegation at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio (Brazil) and a uniform for the “II European Games in 2019”. Five unique patterns with a “layering” concept reflect the layers of the hospitality’s deposit, where the number of products in a limited collection of wear items corresponds to the depth of each of the five potash salt mines of Belaruskali company. Each series included items such as a T-shirt, jacket, cap and bag, as being relevant for fans of the European Games.
- 12 different varieties of chocolate
- 5 varieties of original dragees with an original recipe
- 5 varieties of nuts, naturally, with salt
- 5 varieties of spices that also included hospitable salt.

When the “II European Games” ended, the sales moved to Soligorsk.